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    Aida Egues

    You may post your member names and duties here.



    Members for Community Service Project: Wednesday Clinical with Professor Scarlett

    1. Lashaunta
    2. Speranta
    3. Kandis
    4. Tish


    Jessica Lee

    Tuesday Clinicals at Delete Blood Cancer with Professor Egues
    Team leader: Anthony Scolavino
    Memebers: Lucieune Dalzon, Ursule Jean-Guillaume, Keshia Jackman, Camila German, Jessica Lee

    On Thursday, September 26th, I attended the NSNA / Nutrix Nursing Club meeting. I am the VP of NSNA. Now that I am an officer of a club, I now have permission to get any of the posters/adds stamped in order to post them up around the entire campus. I also found out that there is a qualification that posters/adds have to meet in order to get stamped. It must have the Citytech college logo. I already have obtained several copies of the logo to give to DKMS so they can start creating posters/adds and fliers for us. I also spoke to Professor Okumapei and Forbes during the Nutrix meeting. I will be trying to contact the president of the Nutrix club to hopefully be able to have them be involved with our bone marrow registration fare that we will be setting up on campus.

    -And also, if anyone is interested in contributing to the breast cancer walk, the Nutrix / NSNA will be walking as team together. If you’re interested in making a donation to support the American Cancer Society against breast cancer as well as our Citytech nursing club, please visit:
    The walk will take place on Sunday, October 20th. The nursing team will plan to gather on Lincoln Rd & Ocean Ave at Prospect Park (Brooklyn) at 0800. The team will proceed to the walk to the park at 0815.

    Jessica Lee


    Keren Gedeon

    Tuesday Clinical at Stein Senior Center with Prof. Santisteban
    Project Title: Stein Center Presents from Heart to Heart Health Fair
    Health Fair date: November 12, 2013 10:am – 1:30 pm
    Team Leader: Keren Gedeon
    Team Recorder: Fleurine Dorgely
    Team Members
    1) Andrew Fong Lam
    2) Ammish Jorgensen
    3) Malaaika Lacario
    4)Nahomie Villette
    5) Raisa Kaganovski
    6)Marina Rutitsky
    7) Crystal Farquharson

    Andrew: get food donations… chuck full of nuts, dunkin dounuts, mike pizza confirmed
    AJ: get good donations, contact pharmacist
    Malaaika: contact bank
    Nahomie: get hand sanitizers, Johnson & Johnson
    Raisa: contact foot doctor
    Marina: life alert, contact politicians
    Crystal: get a personal trainer
    Fleurine: contact politicians
    Keren: AHA donations, pamphlets in different language


    Tuesday Clinical at Bellevue Hospital Center with Dr. Leinung
    Team Leader: Alison Miller
    Team Recorder: Shayna John
    DOH Procurement: Tina Mahler
    Vendor Procurement: Christina Ming
    Community Assessment: Sonia Preston-Campbell
    Team members: Sabrina Azeez, Michelle Bazil, Juliet Coombs-Puranda, Tashiba Thomas

    This clinical group will be providing literature to all Bellevue Hospital Center outpatient clinics in the form of posters, videos, handouts, infographics, and brochures. We will work with the infection control department at Bellevue to either participate in their flu shot clinics, or to organize our own. Part of this initiative will be educating Bellevue staff on the importance of flu shots for healthcare providers, as well as demystifying concerns that staff or the public have about the annual flu vaccine.



    At clinical on Wednesday september 25, we finalized our topics for our presentations. My group is doing a teaching presentation on safety in the home. We felt that it was an important topic to speak on because many of the people that go to the Stein Center do live alone, and do not have family near by to check on them frequently. We understand that the elders are at risk for falls and we felt that that if we can teach them little interventions that can reduce their risks, then it would be of great help. Our clinical professor also felt that it was a good topic to do a presentation on. We were allowed some time in the computer lab to begin some research on the topic. We also took some blood pressures. I’m not too sure though if today was a good day for a lot of the seniors. They seemed to be on edge and snappy. I don’t know, maybe it was just me. I did actually get a chance to speak to one of the seniors that I felt was a little on edge and when i asked her how her morning was going she replied “Not so well. I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I also miss my grandchildren.” Her reply wasn’t so hostile. It seemd as though she was surprised and pleased that someone had asked how she was doing. We spoke for a while and by the end of the conversation I can tell that her mood had changed for the better. Seniors are humans also, they’re just a tad bit more fragile, physically and emotionally. I looked forward to more experiences like this, where I feel like i had made a difference.



    My group is working with Delete Blood Cancer and Dr. Egues to organize bone marrow drives. Our group leader is Anthony Scolavino and our members are me, Keshia Jackman, Jessica Lee, Lucieune Dalzon, Ursule Jean-Guillaume.

    As of our last clinical meeting (September 24), we were working on the logistic of setting up our first drive, which will happen in City Tech. We had to contact many different departments within the school to arrange permission to put up posters, find an appropriate location to set up the table and recruit volunteers in the ASN program to assist us. We will also be sending out a mass email to all City Tech students announcing the date of the drive, so we had to figure out which layout we would use for the email (Delete Blood Cancer is providing flyers, posters, and all other promotion materials). We will be handing out flyers and we also plan on having an information session for students and faculty a few days prior to the drives to answer some of the most common questions people have in regards to bone marrow donation, so they are fully educated. We are also planning a second drive this semester, outside of the school.

    This is an article about an orthopedics nurse who registered with Delete Blood Cancer 2 years ago and was found to be a match.

    Delete Blood Cancer facebook page:



    I am at the Stein Center in Manhattan with Professor. Santisteban My group members are
    1) Fong Lam
    2) Ammish Jorgensen
    3) Malaaika Lacario
    4)Nahomie Villette
    5) Raisa Kaganovski
    6)Marina Rutitsky
    7) Crystal Farquharson. we are doing a health fair with a focus on cardiac health. Today we zoned in on important vendors we would like to invite and also decided to have our own booth. my responsibilities include writing an invitation letter to the members of the public to join us in our health fair.



    Project Title: Cardiovascular Health Promotion in Sunset Park
    : “Heart” on Wheels

    1. Team member: Kandis McLean
    2. Recorder: Latisha McGraw
    3. Speranta Duliepre
    4. Lashaunta Johnson

    All assigned parts are due Nov. 6th to enable time to do PowerPoint / board

    Part II: Lashaunta
    Part III & IV: Kandis
    Part V: Speranta
    Part IV: Latisha Mcgraw



    I am at the stein Center on Wednesdays with Professor Forbes.

    My team member, who are in the Wednesday lecture with Leinung, are:

    1) Magalie Cherenfant who is going to be responsible for parts IV and VI

    2) Tatsiana Beutenko who is going to be responsible for part V

    3) and myself as the third person (Yanique Roberts) who is going to be responsible for parts II and III I am also the team leader

    Dates and times in which data collection will occur is every Wednesday during clinical time, and also during each of our spare time.

    Our set deadline for all information to be collected and pretty much November 20, 2013



    We were thinking of making an infographic for the flu, this is an example of one:


    Tina Mahler-Worth

    Let us think also of the Spanish-speaking community who are a large percentage of the visitors to Bellevue Hospital Center.

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