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    “Do or die Bed-Stuy” is a phrase that I grew up hearing. Bedford Stuyvesant has drastically changed within the past ten years and because of that this phase is no longer used. My area code 11216 is shared between both Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) and Crown Heights. But, because of the way it was divided Bed-Stuy makes up most of the 11216 zip code. Even though this neighborhood has gone through many changes there is still more that can be done to make it a better place. While doing my survey I noticed the biggest problem of all. I realized the large amount of young people either hanging out on the streets or standing at street corners conducting themselves in an improper manner. This type of behavior can be linked to the distribution of drugs and also lead to fights and also death.
    This area has a high crime rate and this observation may lead to the reason why. Some of them have dropped out of school and turn to nothing else but the streets and gangs. The young adults that involve themselves in this type of behavior are most likely sent to jail. From January 1st – August 1st, 2010 the neighborhood precinct (79th ) made the top four on the list for the most crime with a number of 1101. These high rates can drop if only these young adults had more things to do instead of running the streets
    If they had more things to do that interest them, they wouldn’t all run to the street life as if it was their only choice. In my neighborhood they are very few programs out there trying to push these young adults in the right direction. More afterschool programs geared towards things that interest them need to be created. But, most of all they need to become more aware of their community and what it could possibly become if they don’t try to do something about it. These young adults need to become more involved and put a better effort into making their community a better place. Not only a better place for themselves, but also a better place for their future children.

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