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  • Defects with various citations
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    Maya Lawrence

    Hey group members. Maybe we can tackle these issues with our new and improved citation manager.
    1. Problems with formatting errors once the citations are exported into a Word document.
    2. Problems with inserting a large number of citations together, or a large abstract, some citation managers can only handle 1000 words or less.
    3. Changes are made in the citations or bibliography but are overwritten by the reference manager program.
    4. Changes are made in the database but not reflected in the Word document.
    5. Better field codes- (Fields in Microsoft Word are used as placeholders for data that might change in a document and for creating form letters and labels in mail-merge documents. Word inserts fields automatically when you use particular commands, such as when you insert a page number, when you insert a cover page, or when you create a table of contents. You can also manually insert fields to automate aspects of your document, such as merging data from a data source or performing calculations).
    6. Making all updated versions of the reference manager compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word. (Making it easier to move, back up, or transfer databases to another computer)
    7. Making it easier to import references from EBSCO, Google Scholar, World Cat, ProQuest



    Our new citation tool will be able to give recommendations based on keywords in the citation and reference manager. Our tool will track citations, allowing students to do better research based on a sliding scale that rates the relevance of the of the article based on the amount of stars previous students gave the article, book, or journal paper. (Similar to a yelp review). For example if a 1000 people reviewed a journal article, and more than half believed it was a good source, our tool could recommend future students to use that source relevant to that topic, and give you other article options. (A drop down box will appear when you type in keywords in the citation manger). Our tool will also use plug-ins, to merge two different platforms. A wizard will do a walk thru on the citation manger to show the student how to use the tool on different platforms (ex. Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer).

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