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  • Salmonella Enterica
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    Shannan Massry
    Extra credit

    Salmonella Enterica

    Hi there my name is Salmonella Enterica, but I prefer Sally E. You know how they say dynamite comes in small packages? Well I am the opitomy of that statement. Even though I am super small, I can cause a great deal of damage and wreak havoc on you animals out there. I know that is a negative attribute, but oh well I am one negative hot rod. That being said; me and crystal violet don’t get on very well. As such I turn pink from my buddy Safranin when we party too long. I have a great body structure which saves my A…s from destruction. You could compare my lipopolysacharride layer to a bullet proof vest. I am not one to be lazy, and move around a lot in my favorite wet environments. My super cool flagella are what gets me going. You could say animals and I have a love hate relationship; because I own real estate in the guts of animals all over the world. But beware take me out of my place, and re-invite me in, well that could be deadly. In fact, when this happens I definitely will over stay my welcome, and turn into the evilest house guest you ever saw causing nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Once I start I don’t stop till I have worn you out from every body cavity you got. I do have a good side though, without me in your gut life would be difficult. I help break down proteins in your gut with my buddies E.coli, Enterobacter and Bacillus subtillus just to name a few. Talk about a double edged sword. Look out for me in under cooked meat and eggs, and you will be fine. I can only get you sick if I am re-invited remember? Well that’s me Sally E!

    Salmonella Enterica MY Stats:
    1. Gram – with a polysaccharide cell wall.
    2. Faculative anaerobe
    3. I ferment lactose
    4. I live in wet environments, and guts of animals
    5. I am a pathogen and have a good use in the guts of animals to help with digestion.
    6. All my strains have virulence factors, some are SP11, and Sp12
    7. My genus is Salmonella
    8. My species is S.enterica
    9. My friends are E.coli, Enterobacter, and Bacillus subtillus to name a few.
    10. My Phylum is Proteobacteria
    11. My class is gamma proteobacteria
    12. My family members are Salmonella typhi, and Samonella typherium (not all).
    13. I am wanted by the C.D.C for questioning. I heard I have done some damage in Ohio a few years back. Check it out! http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/06/salmonella-outbreak-traced-to-ohio-chicken-76536.html

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