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  • Math: my best friend and enemy
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    Maria C.

    My name is Maria, I am a chemistry major. This is my second year I think. I don’t keep track although I probably should. I’m pretty quiet and tend to keep to myself. So I apologize if I come off as rude not my intention. I’m actually looking forward to this class. I’m hoping its better than my pre calc class. My professor was not the best and she made it very boring.
    Regarding the second topic, I feel like high school changed my perspective of math. I hated it and loved at the same time. I always doubted my mathematical skills growing up, even now. Freshman year I was in pre algebra and I thought it was so easy. I did extremely well in all my exams and quizzes. I wanted a challenge so in October my teacher switched me to algebra 1. It was great at the beginning then it got really challenging. I’ve never felt more alive and dead at the same time. Geometry killed me and I felt like I was going down hill. Then algebra 1 and trigonometry was a lot of fun. So I have mixed feelings about math. But I’m always willing to learn new things.

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