LNG1100 Language, Culture, and Society, Fall 2018 (D899)

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  • Bailey (2000) Reading Guide
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    Carol Lo

    Dear Class,

    A reading response is due for Bailey (2000) on Wed, Nov 22. See below for questions. Try to answer these questions as you read the article.

    Bailey (2000) Reading Guide

    Introduction and relevant Iiterature (p. 86-88)
    1. What is the historical and social context of this study?
    2. What are some of the challenges in intercultural communication?

    Data and method (p. 89)
    1. Who are the two ethnic groups discussed in this study?
    2. How were data collected?

    Analysis (p. 89-105)
    1. How do African Americans define respect and disrespect?
    2. How do Korean retailers perceive respect differently? What kind of customer behavior do they consider inappropriate?
    3. Compare and contrast communicative patterns between (1) a Korean shop owner and an African American customer, (2) a Korean shop owner and a Korean customer.
    4. Look at the examples on p. 97-99. How did the interaction between the shop owner and the customer transpire?
    5. What are the two explanations of divergent communicative patterns in these interethnic service encounters?

    Conclusion (p. 105)
    1. What is the biggest takeaway in this study?

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