LIB1201, FALL 2019

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LIB1201, FALL  2019
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Fall 2019
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In this course we will explore issues in research and documentation for text (in print and online), images, sound, and multimedia. You will investigate where information comes from and how it is organized in both traditional and emerging media. We will examine the ethics of information use and determine how to critically evaluate sources. Throughout the course, you will create and present research and documentation projects using traditional and emerging media and technologies. This is a writing-intensive course. You should expect to spend 4-6 hours outside of class time preparing for class each week.

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In Class Assignment

I agree with the results of the case Bell v. Itawamba County Sch. Bd., 774 F.3d 280 (2014). Taylor Bell was wrongfully punished for posting a rap song to YouTube and his Facebook page. His speech was protected by the First Amendment. He […] See MoreIn Class Assignment

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