LIB 2205ID – D958 Learning Places: Understanding the City – Interdisciplinary

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    Christopher Swift

    Dear students,

    We have completed grading all of the work that has been posted on Open Lab to date. Here is what is missing (breakdown by student). Get these assignments done! If you miss too many assignments you are at risk of failing the class and even one zero will bring your grade down significantly.

    Josue: Archive report
    Stedroy: COMPLETE
    Andrea: Written response 3
    Shanae: COMPLETE
    Alejandro: Written responses 1
    Nevnihal: Written response 3
    Ana: Site reports 1, 2, 3, and 4. Written response 1
    Leslie: COMPLETE
    Treoline: Site report 1. Written response 3
    Daley: Final presentation
    Ella-Lisa: Archive report
    Hawa: COMPLETE
    Alex: COMPLETE
    Christian: Site reports 3 & 4, Written response 1
    Matthew: Annotated bibliography
    Ryan: Site report 2, Written response 1
    Xiao Yan: Archive report, Annotated Bibliography
    Jingyu: Site report 4, Archive report, Annotated Bibliography

    You must submit all work by DECEMBER 23, MIDNIGHT.

    Profs. Chin and Swift

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