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“Mirror Mirror on my Facebook Wall”

  Gonzalez, A., & Hancock, J. (2011). Mirror, mirror on my Facebook wall: effects of exposure to Facebook on self-esteem. […]

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Custom Citations for 4/25, Class Work.

Brown, Terri L, Untitled Sculpture by Tom Otterness; 2010, May 28,  Metrotech Center, Downtown Brooklyn.

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Citation Activity

Video: “Social Media in Plain English”. Youtube user: Leelefever. Youtube. May 28,2008 Article: April 25,2013. “Advantages for Chinese […]

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Picture Photographer name, Place is was taken, Date taken, URL Terri Lynne Browne, Metrotech Center, Downtown Brooklyn, May 28, 2010 […]

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Class work for 4/25 custom citation style, the image

Brown, Terri,May 28,2010, MetroTech Center Downtown Brooklyn, Unknown, Tom Otterness,

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