Intro to Women Writers-Hybrid Spring 2014


I guess I can start by saying my name is Aminata  Sesay. A very creative way to start isn’t it?  The name Aminata is of  African Senegal origin . Most individuals in North Africa are of Muslim  faith and therefore tend to use Muslim, Arabic names to name there children. Aminata mean’s good character and trustworthy . I am from west Africa  Sierra Leone  ( Freetown). I’ve live in Brooklyn New York all my life . I can still vividly remember coming to America for the first time hoping to witness the perfect nirvana or paradise that everyone spoke so highly of; to live the American dream. But everything was the complete opposite , from the bizarrely high buildings to ice falling out the sky.

I am fairly your topical youth adult, trying my hardest to balance school, work, family, friends and even a relationship when Mr. Right comes around.  I admit,I’m far from perfect, in fact am nowhere near.  But I’m a well rounded, quiet,fun individual that love the color green. I am really excited about this class.