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    is true that when you get older you become wiser and caring because you have experienced all that life has to give you. but that doesn’t mean that older adults cannot commit a crime. they can commit crime but for an older adult to commit that is serious like murder or something even bigger might mean that the person have some kind of mental problem, that we need to address before putting them in jail.


    Mona Bonnamy

    There’s no age limit as to whether one is too old or too young to commit a crime. If the crime is wicked for example, killing someone, you made a decision that you’ve grown; & that your decision you’ve choose to live with. whatever crime one commits, there’s must be some form of punishment involved. That punishment may not be as severe as opposed to a 30-50 years of age person. Nonetheless, there must be some form of discipline. There have cases, where the justice system may decide to reduce the severity of a sanction to a crime because that person has some problems that requires psychiatric interventions. However, whatever your age, illegal means illegal. In other words, If a person commits a crime just because a person is old and frail should not prevent justice. Age is just a number and totally irrelevant for killing someone.

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