HUS 3605 Child Welfare and Family Services, SPRING 2018

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  • The story of Mary Ellen Wilson
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    Listening to this story really moved me. It was amazing that Mary Ellen was successfully rescued because there are so many children that are not. Henry Bergh is a great person for rescuing Mary Ellen. He was working for ASPSA but still decided that it was important to rescue her and save her life. This story was recognized by many and had an impact back then as well as it has today in society. I believe this story helps to make a change for the children.
    There are children we do not know about who are getting mistreated and it’s sad because they do not ask to be brought into this world. We will always hear cases about children who are being beat by their parents, foster parents or adoptive parents but this is where we step in and help them to protect them. It is important to keep all children save in the world. It is great to know how much things have changed compared to back in the days but things should always continue to get better. Child are the future and we need to protect them

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