HUS 3605 Child Welfare and Family Services, SPRING 2018

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  • Claudia story
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    what happened to Claudia is terrible and unfortunate especially considering she was just a child. Unfortunately, what has happened to Claudia has happened to so many others . I think that the biggest problem with the foster care system, is that there are not enough employees to give their 101 time effort and attention to one individuals. Many times when a child has come from an abusive or toxic environment they begin to think that that is the norm as did Claudia. I think that is pretty cruel for people in general to just bring someone into their home at a very young age ; and then decide to kick them out because they they can no longer care for the child . Such parents do such things because they no longer want the child there. My final thoughts are that fortunate for Claudia, she had a happy ending. However, there are many in the system who unfortunately do not have a happy ending such as Norman. .. These stories was a bit hard to listen too, I’ve heard these stories a few times in my life and a lot of them have similar endings.

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