Hello Sherlene,

I reviewed your resume and it is very impressive. You have held some difficult positions in you career, and I can clearly see you truly care for the well being of other people. I have added my input as instructed and I hope it will help in making your resume stand out a little more.

I noticed in your objective you stated you are interested in position in Human Services. Perhaps be more specific in which position you are interested in. Such as Case Management, which is a common position available for individuals of our major. I also noticed a 4 month gap in between jobs from 5/06-9/06. Perhaps think of including what you where during that time. Like the professors wife told us. ” Don’t let them think you where just watching T.V.”
Also think about  being more specific with your jobs duties. I see you have held positions in your career that are not easy, and require a lot more work that what you listed. Think of describing them in futher detail. For example for personal care attendant be more specific. Did you take your patients to their medical appointments, did you make sure they took their prescribed medications, did you help them in scheduling some medical appointments. Did you have to work with individuals with mental health issues?  These are some examples that you can add and will make you stand out from the crowd. Human service providers have to peform various functions and you should showcase all the abilities you can bring to an agency.

Lastly, under skills I feel that you should include your second language.  If  I’m not mistaken you stated in class you speak another language. I feel you should add this because an agency may just need someone that speaks your other language. As the professors wife stated when she did her presentation, although its normal to you, it’s a skill for someone who does not speak that language.

Thank you for your time and I hope my suggestions will help showcase what a wonderful asset you will make to an agency.

Angel Abreu.