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    Evan Sorongon

    Today we got the opportunity to visit Del Posto and take a tour around the restaurant. What I found interesting about the staffing at Del Posto was that they have a large ladder to climb and that there is always room for growth. They take pride in keeping their employees happy and well trained. Having extensive knowledge of the food and beverage they are selling is what makes them the best in the style of service they provide.

    This restaurant is your state of the arts fine dining establishment. All the chinaware, wines, and ingredients are Italian product. As we discussed in class they go through extensive training programs which is important in fine dinning establishments. They have pairings of wines with every meal to help up-sell customers.

    After our class Victoria and I decided to dine there for lunch. We had a prefixed lunch menu that started at $50. They started us off with an amuse that touched on the Sicilian culture behind the restaurant. After this amuse they give you a small baguette with a super rich and creamy butter that looks exactly like a ball of burrata cheese. For the appetizer I ordered a Rib eye tartar that had shaved Parmesan and a Parmesan sauce to go with it. For my main course I indulged in a lamb dish which served one lamb chop, braised lamb neck and a lamb meatball served with a vegetable stew. Dessert was incredible as well. I ordered a pistachio gelato with flame burnt meringue with raspberry coulis and pistachio nuts.

    The service provided to us was extensive and really information. He gave us a history behind each dish and what the cooking procedures took place in creating the dish. Although we were sitting at the bar the service we received was still a fine dining experience. We even got a few comp surprises from our wonderful City Tech alumni hostess.

    Overall Del Posto was a fantastic experience. I will definitely be returning here for a special occasion in the near future. This truly opened my eyes to knowing that there are other opportunities outside of my comfort zone. With all the experience I think I have in the food and beverage feild it is important to always try and learn new things and to see why places like Del Posto are the best at what they do.

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