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  • Del Posto visit
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    Learning about the history of Del Posto was very interesting. That the owners too a risk on an area with the hopes that it develops as anticipated was a huge risk that ultimately paid off. It paid off in many ways, because they were ahead of the game they were able to secure a place that allowed them to be unique, in their placing of guest, and the ability to allow for exclusivity for guests wanting that kind of privacy. They have several party rooms that is very spacious, unlike most NYC restaurants that is usually cramped for space. I am assuming that the fact that they rented the space at a much cheaper rate than they would have gotten it for had it been now, unless they bought it then they are true geniuses.

    The restaurant was amazing, I was actually hoping they would have let us sample something, anything, but they were very courteous and knowledgeable so that in and of itself was great. I love their spacing, I do not like being crowded when I am in a restaurant so that they have the luxury of space would be a big plus for me as a diner (had I been able to afford it).

    I love they fact that they have a concept and they stick to that, they serve Italian foods and they also only serve Italian wines, they have a very extensive selection of wines, pretty much wherever you are in the restaurant, you see wine.

    I also appreciate the fact that they start all the employee from the basics so they can learn the entire operation from the ground up, that they are like a family and a cohesive team and promote within on the most part shows that they will more likely have longevity of staffs, which is great but not very common in this industry.
    All in all it was a great experience.

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