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    Polina Savchenko

    We had a great opportunity visiting Del Posto last week. The restaurant tour Thomas and Dana gave us was very interesting and informative.
    I used Del Posto as a location for my dining room operations class project last semester and had a great experience dining there. It is an Italian fine dining restaurant so just like Thomas said they do take service seriously. They have about 4 different people serving you, pouring water, and changing plates and silverware for every course.
    I was vegan at that time, and what Dana said about Del Posto paying close attention to allergies and dietary restrictions is very true. What I had for my full 3 course meal was absolutely delicious. I never felt like my options were limited in any way due to being unable to consume animal products, and I truly enjoyed dining at Del Posto.
    Thinking back about what Thomas said about the location and space is relevant to our upcoming restaurant project. The owners were lucky and smart enough to get the space that big and that close to a growing popular neighborhood. Now the restaurant is located right across from two of the most popular tourist attractions, the Highline and Chelsea Market. So when thinking about choosing a location, we need to pay attention to our markets and competition.
    The space itself is vast, beautiful and elegant. This is a perfect spot to hold any kind of special event.
    I also liked the fact that restaurant management team likes to keep their staff knowledgeable and well trained. This creates a special connection with the guest when the server shares information about a particular dish. Del Posto is also happy to promote the staff to higher positions which helps them keep all employees happy and motivated.

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