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  • Del Posto
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    Rie Uematsu

    Del Posto is Italian fine dining restaurant, located in Chelsea. This place is good to celebrate a special occasion or business dinner. From the outside, it looks a small restaurant, but when I entered its front door, it is spacious and has the luxurious atmosphere with beautiful décor, high ceiling, dim lighting, and dark wooden floor. Their ambient conditions such as temperature, lighting, noise, music, and scent are perfect for both customers and employees.
    The space between each table has enough space for employees to perform efficiently, and it also makes customers feel comfortable. The kitchen is very clean and organized, and also has enough space to perform. Their layout and functionality of physical surroundings enhance employee actions.
    I felt that the manager and employees have a good relationship. It is a challenging, but very important to succeed. They hire only full-time staffs because each staff needs to be responsible for their works and knowledgeable, and there are so many things to do. Hiring full-time staffs leads to the quality service and customer loyalty.
    In Chelsea Market, I found so many changes. They have the space for artists selling handmade products, and newly opened restaurants and grocery store in the basement. Most restaurants are quick and casual style because its target is tourists. For tourists, they may want to try different taste in the market, and tourists from Highline come to this place to have a light meal so that they provide take-out foods with high price setting.

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