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    I have never been to Del Posto. They talk about it in our classes a lot, but I had never had interest to go because I cannot simply afford it. The place does look very beautiful and the private rooms do look quite good and now I may be compelled to go, but that is after I save up a few checks. As it pertains to our classes, Thomas and Dana mentioned everything from scheduling to food costs and food preparation along with the food vendors they deal with directly to keep Del Posto a success. The location also lends to the success as it is right in the heart lower West Side right near the Google offices and the High Line starting point. I was also astonished to find out their food to drink ratio of sales as their wine list is quite extensive and very pricey.

    As for Chelsea Market, it is nothing but fast-casual and quick service seeing as how most of their business may come from the Google offices and they have to be on the go to keep our trusted search engine running. But in all seriousness, a lot of the clientele is on the go business men and women. There were a lot of tourists as well, but they also have seating and as it can be understood of tourists, they are usually in casual mode since they are on vacation.

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