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    lily su

    Last week, the class and I were able to join professor Abreu on a trip to one of the fine dining restaurants, Del Posto. The restaurant was easily accessible and it was close to many great sceneries and the neighborhood was very nice as well. It is also just a block or two from the entrance to the high line, which is great because that brings a lot of foot traffic into Del Posto, which is something they mentioned.

    I was introduced to the concept of fine dining and heard of Del Posto for the first time last year for my dining room class. As a millennial, the only concept I really knew of was fast casual of just fast food. The fanciest thing would be a quick casual diner. However, getting to see a real fine dining restaurant and watch them in action was such a shocker. Most people have the idea of a kitchen, no matter how fancy or high class, being a crazy disastrous mess. However while visiting Del Posto, we were able to walk through the kitchen and were shown where each station was and how many different stations there were. The kitchen for Del Posto was bigger than most kitchens in NYC, and it was much more spacious than imagined. I believe having such a spacious kitchen helps the chefs operating procedures since it is not crowded and there are enough stations and tools that no one would have to wait over another.

    Dana and Thomas were both nice enough to show us around and give us a little information on what it is like to work in a fine dining restaurant and what the expectations are when they are interviewing for new hires.

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