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  • Brooklyn Bridge Restaurant
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    Anastasiya malytska

    I’ve been to this cafe approximately 1.5 years ago when it was under the old management. I went there to have lunch with my friend after classes. The interior of the place was different but the name and logo of the restaurant remains the same. It was a fun experience visiting this place from a class trip perspective. Sometimes when i go to places i never pay attention to the details of the place. I mostly, pay attention to the food and service. In this Brooklyn Bridge Restaurant, the owner gave us so much valuable information. For example, she had opened her first business when she was 21 and she gave us advise how to start up and what amount of money we should have from her own experience. Also, i liked how she did the interior on the ceiling. she did it Soho style which was nice but i don’t think that it matches a Brooklyn Bridge theme.

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