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  • Brooklyn Bridge Diner
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    I had no prior knowledge if The Brooklyn Bridge Diner before going there. It is not in the direction of where I generally walk on my travels to and from school. I went there with no expectancy, but with a general idea of what a diner generally looks like. It was not the traditional diner look, it was casual but nicely laid out. Upon entering, there was no one at the front so I assumed it was free seating, I was walking to a table when someone came over and said I could in fact sit where I wanted. I got a menu and was surprised at the prices, but I was hungry and had four hours to kill so I decided to just hang out while I job hunt. I ordered the steak sandwich which was $15 I must say that it was actually worth the money. It was very delicious, the server was attentive and the manager had previously came over as I had mentioned that I was from the class, she checked on me to find out how I enjoyed my meal. I told her it was great and no thanks to desert as the sandwich itself was very filling. I would absolutely go back there and try something else, or the same depending on how I’m feeling at the time.

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