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  • Brooklyn Bridge Bistro and Wine Bar Visit Reflection
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    Prior to our visit to the Brooklyn Bridge Bistro and Wine Bar, I remember when this location went under the name of the Brooklyn Bridge Café. I remember walking past the restaurant throughout my college career at City Tech and I always had the intention to dine at this restaurant. However, I was never able to get the time that I needed to sit down and enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Also, I was unaware that the restaurant reopened after being closed for renovation and under new management until the day of the visit. After stepping foot in the restaurant for the very first time, I started to find a date in my calendar for me to have a solo or group meal because I was impressed with the layout, menu, and service that the restaurant possesses and provides. As I studied the menu, I was surprised to see a good variety of American food and beverage items, such as the seared branding, that were in a price range that was suitable for my budget. I was especially surprised at the prices of the cocktails since all of them were priced at under $10. The variety and the creativity of some of the cocktails, such as the Dirty Flower, also had me anticipating my next visit. When the opportunity arrives to sample one of their cocktails, I hope that I will enjoy them as much as cocktails that are generally placed in the $10 to $20 price range. Aside from the alcoholic beverages, the neat placement of the glassware and silverware on the tables made the restaurant look a little bit above the casual level. However, I was not pleased with the walls on the far right side of the restaurant because they belong on a construction site and not in a restaurant. Besides this minor flaw, I would welcome the idea of taking a window seat and staring at the hustle and bustle of Downtown Brooklyn during my meal. Finally, I was pleased with the owner’s ability to provide us with information about the new restaurant and helpful advice that will help us become restaurant managers and proprietors in the future. The Brooklyn Bridge Bistro and Wine Bar can expect returning business from me very soon.

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