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    Adam Catronio

    Wine Additives Explained

    This is an interesting topic and it raises some questions with regards to Monsanto’s control over the food supply in this country, and that is not to undermine their international efforts either. It is important to know that Monsanto was recently bought by German company Bayer for 66 billion dollars, and likewise it is important to know about the dozens of countries which have banned Monsanto such as Italy, Greece, Australia, France and Germany to name a few. The United States is unfortunately not on that list, but when we look specifically at California wines, for example, perhaps we wish they were. We all have a responsibility to know and care about what we put into our bodies, and perhaps wines from the United States could gain a stronger reputation by dropping the loose standards in comparison to a country such as France. It’s interesting too that the handful of countries I mentioned as having banned Monsanto are also countries with prominent wine growing regions.


    Adam Catronio

    “Ironically, Brazil is the the second largest producer of GM crops in the world after the U.S., and grows 29 varieties of GM corn, so they are likely pulling rank for trade rather than hoping to save their population’s health — but at least the chicken farmers see the detriment from using GM corn.”


    This was reported about a week ago, and it is helpful to have an international perspective on the topic to refine our perspective on a national level.


    Fatima Ali

    I enjoyed reading your work.
    May I please know the meaning of GM.

    Thank you.

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