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  • NYT- Pete Wells- Akash 11.27.2017
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    New York City College of Technology, CUNY
    Department of Hospitality Management

    Janet Lefler Dining Room

    To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Fakhrun Nabi (Akash)
    Date: November 27, 2017
    Re: Restaurant Review

    In this New York Times article “Instead of making Turkey. They Make Reservations” by Pete Wells is not focused in any particular restaurant. Instead, he is describing how more and more people elect to do their Thanksgiving dinner out at some reputable restaurants across the city. The reason people decide to go out for this dinner varies from person to person since this party traditionally held at a family member’s house. The chances are greater for going out for thanksgiving in cities versus suburbs. Either the limited space in city apartments, fear of washing dishes, limited options on dinner table, and/or the awkward conversation around the dinner table; this option allows to avoid most if not all the challenges of a thanksgiving dinner at home. He also mentions; when someone tries eating out for thanksgiving dinner they get hoked and start enjoying the holiday or occasion more. Less things to worry about like shopping for groceries for dinner; which is half the battle getting this dinner together. Mr. Wells the details some of the best restaurants in New York City that offers a fine Thanksgiving Day dinner. i.e. Gotham Bar and Grill, Red Farm, Decoy, Keens steakhouse, etc. He details how these stars chef starts prepping for this extravagant dinner and how the customers expectations is easier to accomplish for chef’s the let’s say Valentine’s day dinner; where some customers expectations are beyond the restaurants or chef’s control. He mentions the one negative aspect of having the Thanksgiving Day dinner out at a restaurant is not you can ask a star chef for a doggie bag to go. In my opinion, in urban area going out for Thanksgiving Day dinner will become a norm after people realize the abundance of advantages in doing that.

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