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To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Jodie Zhao
Date: November 23, 2017
Re: Restaurant Review

Thanksgiving is an American tradition celebrated by home cooked meals filled with mashed potatoes, casseroles, turkeys, and giving thanks to friends and family members. This week, Pete Wells sheds light on dining out on Thanksgiving as opposed to staying in and cooking at home. Wells pointed out that the individuals that dine out on Thanksgiving like having the planning, prepping, cooking and cleaning done. He also mentioned that consumers go out to dine for convenience and planned events for many special occasions- and Thanksgiving is a fairly easy holiday to cater to since it is a day to give thanks, show acceptance and love for one another. Unlike dining at home, where tensions and problems can build up, families tend to show restraint and behave well in public spaces.

For the convenience of the consumer, Wells explores the detailed planning that goes into preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Keens, a steakhouse in Herald Square, offers a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In preparation for this meal, the staff brines over fifty 20 lb turkeys in plastic bins. Pies and bread must arrive before the police closes the street for the parade and chefs must report by 5 AM. This organized chaos is the behind the scenes for guests dining out on Thanksgiving.

There is however one tradition the restaurants cannot provide. The convenience, planning, cooking, and delicious food- yes, but guests can never leave with a goodie bag with Thanksgiving leftovers.

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