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  • Shoji at 69 Leonade Street review
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    TIffany Rivas

    New York City College of Technology, CUNY
    Department of Hospitality Management
    Janet Lefler Dining Room
    To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Tiffany Rivas, Student
    Date: September 27, 2018
    RE: New York Times Restaurant Review

    In one of the latest articles in the New York Times restaurant review, “Sushi and Kaiseki in an Exceptional One-Man show” the food critic Pate Wells was able to experience a Japanese inspired restaurant called Shoji owned by Derek Wilcox who is also the one-man providing the show. Wells spoke very highly of this restaurant making him result to an overall star rating of three, which means for his entire experience it was an excellent encounter. However, as I read the article and analyzed his service I found a few things that I wouldn’t quiet say desires a three-star rating.

    “People always say summer is not a good time for sushi” I agree and support this statement completely, I love sushi and despise when others have to eat it in a certain season, I say sushi is eaten all year round, the quote definitely grasped my attention. The restaurant itself is located at 69 Leonard street, TriBeCa and is actually sit up to sit 12 chairs/ people.

    Wells was seated by himself the day he went, for his total he spent $252 with service including but if guest are looking for a shorter menu it is $190 and the longest service is $295 with service included. But I don’t support the prices nor the hospitality because Wells said his server could’ve been more adept at deciphering the wines, sakes, shochus and Haitian rums chef Elkon and Wilcox put together, in my opinion that is unacceptable consider the fact of the price in which it states service is including, so if I am paying for an expensive meal I expected to be treated with the highest quality of hospitality service. Nonetheless, the found sounds outstanding and so does the atmosphere it is not an overbearing environment it’s a private Japanese style restaurant created by influencer Wilcox whom is a master’s degree followed by Ph.D. Japanese cuisine artist. I would love to be able to learn from the chefs however I wouldn’t pay for a $190 and up meal if I wasn’t getting treated as the price I pay. If there were better servers in the near future than I would consider it but as a college student who wants to see the chef in action and learn from his craft the price is too high, it’s unfortunate.
    “Providing over 70 years of Quality service to the Hospitality industry”

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