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  • Pete Wells 9/27/18
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    Fyaad Nazim

    New York City College of Technology, CUNY
    Department of Hospitality Management
    Janet Lelfer Dining Room

    Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
    Fyaad Nazim, Student
    Date: September, 22,2018

    NY times restaurant review

    According to Derek Wilcox, “People always say summer isn’t a good time for sushi.” Pete Wells described his restaurant Sohji, as a one man show, because although there’s other workers the attention was mostly around Mr. Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox acquired a Ph.D. in Japanese cuisine and relates his cooking style around sushi and seafood.
    Wells seemed quite satisfied with Mr. Wilcox dish. He stated “a plate of simmered vegetables and, in this case, seafood: a small potato, some Japanese eggplant, a crisp pink ginger shoot and the most flavorful piece of octopus I have ever put in my mouth.” Wells also mention that the sushi menu was brief and usual but can definitely knock out its competitors. The final charge for Wells full meal was $252 dollars, and the cheapest item on the beer menu was 12 dollars. Wells also noticed that there was one employee taking full care of him, while the others were just hovering around.
    Based on this Wells review on the restaurant Sohji, I would not like it visit this place. My first and main reason is because as much as I love seafood, when it comes to sushi, that’s just not my thing. Going to this restaurant wouldn’t change my mind, especially how pricy things are. I wouldn’t pay $190 dollars on the shortest menu, when I know there’s a good chance I won’t be enjoying the food. The last reason I wouldn’t go there is because based on Wells examination, it doesn’t seem like the employees take full pride in serving their guest. For me paying that price and not getting full attention and best of service, is definitely a place I won’t be going to.

    {Providing over 70 years of Quality Service to the hospitality industry}

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