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Janet Lefler Dining Room




To: Professor Abreu, Director of service

From: Marcio Moran

Date: September 26, 2018

Re: Restaurant review


On Sept.18, 2018 Pete wells has experience a restaurant that is essentially a one man show. A restaurant called Shoji at 69 Leonard street set as one of top Japanese restaurant in the city, it’s leaded by Idan Elkton and Chef Wilcox. A little background information about the chef is, he worked in various restaurants for years and then spend more time focusing on traditional sushi parlor. At first, Well’s was at the restaurant by himself and experience the unique and creative dishes the chef prepares and concentrates on quality seasonal food.

The restaurant is setup slightly different compare to others but, this is a Refined Japanese spot with a 12-seat counter for Omakase sushi and Kaiseki dinners. Pete wells has realized that his style of cooking and mentality of putting a dish together can get him to open a Kaiseki restaurant that would set a new standard in the city. Kaiseki basically is a traditional multi course Japanese dinner that has collection of skills and techniques followed by western haute cuisine. The chef cooks his ingredients separately rather than incorporating everything together which is interesting, while with that Pete taste the best flavorful octopus in his life. Lastly, the final charge for all these small items came up to $252 which is highly expensive because of the chef.

From my point of view, I would eat at this place because I have never tasted high end sushi and at a restaurant like this. Also, I would like to question and look up to this chef for all his hard work to be the top Japanese restaurant in the city. Also, this location price is too expensive and I don’t think it’s something I can afford but, also because service wasn’t that good.

“Providing over 70 years of quality service to the hospitality industry.”

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