To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service

From: Stephanie Santana, Student

Date: October 4th, 2018

RE: New York Times Restaurant Review

September 25th 2018, Pete Wells wrote a restaurant review on Kopitiam, located on 151 east broadway, Chinatown. Kopitiam is a Malaysian style coffee house. When it first opened with Kyo Pang as the owner it was located on Canal street with a location that just had four seats and one counter. Kyo Pang then gained a business partner and decided to relocate the restaurant which is the place Wells wrote his review on. Even though the space is not as small as it was before they are still able to keep the intimate feel in the location.


When you are there during the weekdays it is open from 9 am to 10 pm and normally it is pretty easy to find an open table or seat. You can pick from a variety of dishes for breakfast such as the national Malaysian dish which is Nasi Lemak. If you are looking for something sugary you might want to try the french toast with milo malt- chocolate powder with streams of sweetened condensed milk. If nothing on the early breakfast menu catches your attention you might be able to find something at 10:30 when the new items are added on the menu. Ms. Pang also has a variety of cakes that she sells at Kopitiam but only one or two are made a day and they are baked in different rotations so you wouldn’t really know until you call or stop in to see. During the weekends this place gets busy there is a sign in sheet you fill out and then sit and wait for your name to be called. Wells mentions “as the crowd picks up chaos creeps in”. He says this because servers go around asking customers if they have received everything and there are occasions that they haven’t. They have also had coffee and tea unavailable on there menu which is not okay for a coffee and tea location.


Wells gave this place one star. The price is reasonable so this might be a place I would go to. If I go I think I would go on a weekday when it is calm to enjoy a slice of cake and coffee with a friend.


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