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To: Professor Abreu

From: Zaid Monsour

Date: October 4, 2018

RE: Restaurant review


Pete Wells visited Kompitim a Malaysian restaurant located on 151 E St.and wrote a Restaurant review. He stated that he had waited so long he let his mind wander off.Three years ago Kyo Pang as opened Kompitim located on Canal street with a location that just had four seats and one counter. Kompitim was a local coffee shop were people come in hangout, and gossip. After gaining a a business part Kyo Pang moved his establishment to her current location.


During the weekday Kompitim is open from 9:00 AM –  10:00 PM. In addition, on the weekend it does tend to get more crowded. The employees turn into a panic; multiple waiters asking one table if they ordered or got received their food, food orders took too long to come out. However Pete wells did mention when the food did come out it was definitely worth the wait and made up for the chaos.


I would dine in at Kompitim because while reading the review i felt like i could taste each food Well’s described, Especially the coconut cake. Maybe it was because I was hungry or maybe Pete Wells goes into great detail.


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