New York City college of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management


Janet Lefler Dining Room




TO: [Prof. Abreu], Director of service

From: [Nicaury Espinal], Student

Date: [September 27], 2018

Re: [Reinforcement of Training]


The recent Pete Wells Restaurant review was on a restaurant called Kopitiam. This restaurant is owned by a woman name Kyo Pang. It is a Malaysian restaurant that started off very small but has won a name for its self in New York City. Wells starts off by explaining a little history of how Starbucks started and how all the drinks that we all know today came to be. He then went off to explain how Kopitiam is different from another café. They serve a different style of coffee and they have little treats that are made of rice. By the description and the passion that Wells is using to describe this place you would think that he really loved it, but as it turned out he really didn’t. At the end the review, Wells describes his experience as terrific, which makes you rethink everything you read. He seems to really like the style of the restaurant but he didn’t really enjoy the food, as he clearly says, “ then again, maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for duck’s tongue.”

By the way Pete Wells describes his experience and the food that they have, I don’t think I would be interested in going to this restaurant. It just doesn’t seem like I would like it either. I am not a big fan of duck meat or any of the other plates that he mentioned.

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