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To: Professor Abreu, Director of service

From: Marcio Moran

Date: October 2, 2018

Re: Restaurant review


Kopitiam a fast-casual café where you can relax, grab breakfast and most importantly drink a cup of tea or coffee. Once you order in the counter, you receive a number on a metal stand that can be a grab and go. The importance and creative exhibitions of coffee like bek-kopi, which is white coffee brewed from beans that are lightly roasted in palm oil margarine. In other words, iced white coffee mix with condensed milk. Also, not only can you get coffee and tea you can also get Malaysia’s national dish and particular cultural seasoning. No additives or artificial coloring are used, everything is made fresh by sourcing ingredients directly from Malaysia or nearby markets.

The Malaysia’s coffee and tea culture has expanded through east Broadway Chinatown. The atmosphere of the place is a service café with seats and tables that faces the streets, it will be loud because we are located in a busy area. The prices are inexpensive which makes it surprisingly same as no reservations allowed. Well’s has tasted where the fragrances of coconut and panda leaf infuse the rice with a tiny dried fish. This has erase the distinction between sweet and savory. Also, one of the satisfying meal was “panda leaves wrapped around a kind of chicken sausage, ground spice pork rolled inside bean-curd skins and fried, fried strips of mackerel sausages with a curry leaf sauce” just by reading this plate descriptions is making it sound unique and creative.

From my point of view, I would eat at this place because I have never tasted Malaysian food and the atmosphere of a café spot is what I enjoy. Also, the prices are inexpensive so this would make me head to the place and try there coffee, tea and food.




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