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Department of Hospitality Management


Janet Lefler Dining Room




To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service

From: Maria Vazquez, Student

Date: September 27, 2018

RE: New York Times Restaurant Review


In Pete Wells most recent restaurant review, he speaks upon Kopitiam, a Malaysian cuisine located in the Chinatown area of Manhattan. The owner, Kyo Pang founded the restaurant about 3 years ago as a tribute to the coffee and tea parlors of Malaysia. The original Kopitiam was first located on the corner of canal street and it only held four seats, until Ms. Pang decided to partner up with Moonlynn Tsai to relocate Kopitiam to a larger, but still intimate location right up the block.


They happen to get lots of business, but when they don’t, one can enjoy a bek-kopi, which is a type of coffee, along with a newspaper. In addition to the coffee, they also serve traditional Malaysian food such as nasi lemak, a national dish, fish ball soup, or  French toast battered with Milo malt-chocolate powder The different variation of Malaysian food was a reason in which Wells was attracted to this restaurant. Ms Pang was also attracted to pastries, such as cakes, and although she would love to bake a variety of cakes each day, she decides to stick to two. An example would be the caramel-brown honeycomb cake, coconut , or she may surprise the customer. As far as how much business they get, Pete Wells states that the weekend brunch is the most business they get, where they have to leave a sign in sheet outside for people to write their names and wait to be called. In addition to this, drink orders stack up, coffee forgets to be refilled. However, even with an insane amount of tickets, the food coming out of the kitchen was to Mr Wells liking.


I would visit this location because it would be a great experience to try food from a culture I am not used to, as well as experiencing new spices and flavors, it is not so expensive either. I look forward to actually visiting in the near future.


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