New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lelfer Dining Room

To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Bryan Caba, Student
Date:                October 2 ,2018 


Re:  Restaurant review


The article states , that the first Kopitiam was located on the corner of canal street.  The restaurant was small that it enough space to fit four seats.After partnering up with a new business owner,he was able to move to a new place,where the restaurant is much bigger. As the business expanded, the menu expanded as well with more food items to choose from .  Kyo Pang is the founder of this restaurant and  its based on Malaysian food.  Koptitam has served traditional Malaysian.For instance,nasi lemak, Pandan leaves that’s wrapped around a  chicken sausage.

Wells overall experience was good,according to the way in which he described the food. Wells had realized that on the weekends, the place was more packed then usual.   There was some sort of reservations as you would have to wait til your name is called.  Wells also observed  that some task weren’t completed.  Task such as refilling water glasses and  coffee not being poured for guests.  Despite of these issues, he was very satisfied with the food he consumed, which made him enjoyed the restaurant.

Based on Wells observations,I would not go there, not because of how flawed the service can be.But, because I am not interested in eating Malaysian food.


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