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Azerbaijani Feast by Pete Wells
Nicaury Espinal HGMT 2305 Prof. Abreu Memorandum This week Pete wells decided to review a restaurant called Village Cafe. It is a Azerbaijani restaurant and to his description it seems very small, but it does live up to it’s name. Wells starts off by explaining to us how he has passed the restaurant many times and he had never imagined that it was a restaurant, by the looks of it you would imagine that it’s a car dealership. It has a small parking spot in front of it, with a few colored flags, and a building behind it. He tells us that the moment that he steps inside of the place instead of asking him for a credit check they ask him about his appetite limit, because every platter is literally to feed a village. He moves on to tell us about his favorite menu items and the ones he considers to be the best like, the Azerbaijani flatbread, it is stuffed with as he describes “quietly spiced chicken or lamb, filled with greens: spinach, scallions, dill and cilantro, two fresh herbs that turn up again and again in Azerbaijani cooking.” By his description of the food and the passion that he seems to have with this style of cooking, you right away know that he really enjoyed his dinner and his experience. Later on, he moves on to tell us that other restaurant that have the same cooking style as Village Café may seem better somehow, but they can never compete with what’s actually being served in this restaurant, especially because of the names that the person who created the menu gave to each plate, “it is like a poem writer made the menu”. By the description of the plates that they offer in this restaurant, I don’t believe that I would like to visit it because they are using things like, liver, hearts and intestines in their food, and this is not something that I am interested in eating.

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