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Department of Hospitality Management

Najja Hennix Dining Room



To: Prof. Goodlad, Director of Service

From: Najja Hennix, Student

Date: March 07, 2018

Re: Weekly Restaurant Review Reaction



The review entitled A New Link in the World’s Expensive Restaurant Chain by Pete Wells takes the reader through a colorful and humorous journey. The L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon may be the world’s most expensive restaurant chain. The newest one opened across 10th Avenue from Chelsea Market in November. Chef Joël Robuchon built the first Atelier almost 15 years ago. He has won just about every honor the French gastronomic world offers at his first restaurant, he had officially retired, and when he came back he knocked the whole system on its side. His idea was a restaurant where the food is made to his excruciatingly precise standards and would be served not at tables but at a U-shaped counter. Wells favorite items on the menu is the simple combination of a langoustine and a basil leaf inside a see-through wrapper of fried brik pastry and the far more complex glass of sea urchin suspended in lobster jelly under a quarter-inch of cauliflower cream that was like an insanely luxurious Jell-O salad. Wells dined at this restaurant three times and said he felt a distinct pain each time he paid the check. Tetsuya Yamaguchi bakery is located in the basement on 10th Avenue. His masterpiece in baking is called the escargot. It is a swirl of savory brioche dough with olive oil between it with many warm and flaky layers. He also bakes baguettes that seem to be shrunken versions of full-scale ones; at that size they could be all crust, but somehow he keeps the crust in proportion with the rest. The service is courteous, jovial and dignified.


This sounds like a great restaurant. I would love to go with my friends to The L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. The atmosphere seems very fun and the food sounds delicious. I sadly do not think I can afford it. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to many of my friends. I would also recommend reading Pete Wells’ restaurant reviews, he a very humorist writer.



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