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1934 Frank Schoonmaker was a wine writer who wrote his Complete Wine Book and later on his Frank Schoonmaker’s Encyclopedia of Wine
US History: The Indian Reorganization Act was enacted in June 18, 1934.

1966 The Gallo Brothers: Their E.& J. Gallo Winery recognized as the largest winery in the United States based on sales volume. Introduced first sparkling wines, Eden Roc and Andre (Andre which went on to become the largest selling sparkling wine brand in the U.S.)

U.S. History: Large-scale anti-Vietnam War protests take place in the United States, including in New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

1966 Robert Mondavi, and his eldest son opened “The Robert Mondavi Winery” which made him the most famous winemaker in America, and one of the best known in the world.

U.S. History: First operational weather satellite, ESSA-1, launched.

1968 Warren Winiarski, Helped create the Napa Valley Agriculture Preserve in 1968 which was the first of its kind in the nation and is active in Nape Valley land use conservation

US History: The Beatles release their self-titled album popularly known as the “White Album”

1972 Roger Dagorn: one of only 180 Master Sommeliers in the world which, in his case, was probably inevitable. Since his career began, Dagorn has accumulated scores of accolades, including the title of “Sake Samurai” (awarded to the sake-savvy somm in 2008 by the Japan Sake Brewers Association, making him one of only 22 so titled in the world, and one of eight in America). Dagorn was born a natural. And he plied his gifted palate for 16 years at the famed, lamented Chanterelle, providing exquisite pairings and innovative, sold-out wine dinners. Currently, beyond consultation work, lecturing, and acting as wine director of Porter House in New York, Dagorn shares his extensive knowledge as Adjunct Professor on Wine Education at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY.

US History: The final mission of NASA’s Apollo program (Apollo 17) flies to the moon and becomes the last manned mission.

1977 Merry Edwards, Helped to build Matanzas Creek Winery from scratch, planted 7 different clones of Chardonnay in Matanzas Creek Winery when cloning was not recognized as much.

US History: Elvis Presley died

1986 Randell Grahm, Known as a Rhone Ranger, someone who promotes using grape varieties from the Rhone Valley, he made his first Cigar Volante, which is a blend of Grenach, Syrah, and Morvedre.

US History: The New York Mets win their second World Series title.

1990 Helen Turley helped usher in the era of the super-consultant in California, taking startups such as Peter Michael, Colgin and Bryant Family to fame as her winegrowing regime pushed wine quality to new heights.

History Fact: Tim Berners-Lee publishes his formal proposal for the World Wide Web during November 1990. Berners-Lee’s proposal outlined a plan for a system that would use hypertext, web pages, browsers, and web servers to share documents across the internet.

1999 Robert Foley, created “Switchback Ridge” wines that is usually made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Sirah. U.S. historical fact: Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France.

2008 Nancy Irelan, Opened Red Tail Ridge Winery in the Finger Lakes, Grows obscure wine varieties. President Obama was elected President.Warren Winiarski

1928 Brother Timothy was a peer of many of the winemakers who were instrumental in reviving the California wine industry after the repeal of Prohibition. Brother Timothy began making wines for the Christian Brothers Winery in 1935.

Merry Edwards

Robert Foley

Cesar Chavez

Andre Tchelistcheff: The “Dean of American winemaking” introduced modern techniques in the U.S which is now a daily routine for every winemaker like cold fermentation, controlled malolactic tanks fermentation etc.Tchelistcheff was an industry giant, guiding Beaulieu Vineyard and making BV’s Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon during the glory years of 1938 to 1972. In 1947 he founded the first private research laboratory in California. The U.S. historical fact:  The Voice of America begins to transmit radio broadcasts into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.