Historic Preservation Theory and Practice Spring 2013

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  • Controversy ( bedstuy expansion)
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    After our class discussion I did a little more research about the bedstuy historic district expansion and I remained neutral int t. But over the weekend something dawned. I went to my old neighborhood to visit some family and the place that I have such fond memories was erased. Practically the entire neighborhood is now consumed of apartment complexes. And in such poor taste I may add.buildings were spawned from any and every crack and crevest. In essenace changing the entire dynamic of my old stomping grounds.The mom and pop stored were forced to scatter by “big business” .The amount of traffic and people in the streets was chaotic to say the least. It broke my heart that the place I grew up in was just a memory. I say that because the entire ride home I thought of our in class discussion particularly the Bedford Stuyvesant historical expansion topic. And in that discussion I felt caught in the middle of the two sides. Now I’m and strongly leaning towards the expansion. I understand that with that comes a lot of other conflicts. But I feel this is the lesser of two evils and would help the neighborhoods integrity.

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