Hall 1101-351


Nagmadeen Muthanna

Carrie Hall

English 1101

23 September 2018  

Middle Eastern voice


         My parents came from a community very hard to grow up in. A community where labor is unsafe and hard to last in. the labor in the middle east can cause you death because no one is using protection when they are working. My dad used to work in construction. they did not wear the hats or protection they wear over here in america. My dad used to walk to work with long pants, a shirt and sandals.If you made one mistake it could have cost you your life. My mother on the other hand used to work in the farm. She would grow vegetables and fruits and take care of the animals with the help of my other family members. As you can tell blue collar work is the main type of labor you would find in the middle east. If you found someone working at a white collar job, He/She is considered living the American Dream In the middle east.


         I can guarantee you every parent in the Middle east Prefers their child to work in a white collar job then a blue collar job. My dad came from the yemen, which is in the middle east. Most Yemenis Risk their lives coming to America to let their children grow up and become a successful and knowledgeable person. My dad is currently working in a grocery store trying to cover for me and my family hoping that one day i would work in a white collar job. My dad believes that white collar labor is relaxing and will pay well. Middle eastern parents have this thought in this brain that white collar jobs is only for the knowledgeable people.


         Most middle eastern parents risk their lives moving to america. The middle eastern people always get jealous of people that move to the united states of america. If you go to america and come back with a blue collar job, everyone will be bias towards you. People would say that you have wasted your time in america and should just stay in the middle east instead. I strongly disagree with my community thoughts because blue collar labor in america is different then what it is in the middle east. People are more relaxed in america with blue collar jobs than they are in the middle east. The Middle Eastern community strongly agrees When Crawford Writes “It appears shop class is becoming a thing of the past, as educators prepare students to become knowledge workers”. In making this comment, the middle eastern community urges the youth to go to school and become knowledgeable workers.


         One of many different reasons the middle eastern community prefers white collar jobs over blue collar jobs is from experience. For example, my dad worked in construction and it was very unsafe. Any wrong move he made would have caused him to get injured or even his life. He would work over 10 hours a day, 7 days a week lifting heavy objects. waking up every morning with his back feeling like it’s going to break. The average salary he would earn would be enough to pay for some of the bills and food. Knowing from experience of blue collar labor. My dad does not want me to go threw the hard work he has been threw.


         The middle eastern community believes if you work in a blue collar job you are not knowledgeable. They believe anyone can work in a blue collar job because it does not involve the brain. You learn it once and the next time you just have to repeat what you did the first time. I strongly disagree with this bias opinion. Every different day there will be a different problem. And that’s going to involve your brain to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. There won’t be one job in the world that does not involve using the brain.   


         In The story “shop class as soulcraft” By Matthew B. Crawford, the author has a very powerful opinion about labor. Crawford believes labor belongs to the blue collar labor. Crawford believes that people are bias towards blue collar labor because of their education level. According to crawford “to this end, perhaps we need to consider the origins of shop class, so that we can better understand its demise”. Crawfords point is that the only reason people are choosing white collar jobs is because they have forgotten the richness of manual work.

         In my opinion i believe both blue collar and white collar labor should be treated equally. Both white and blue collar labor use the brain to its limit. I believe that the salary shouldn’t be too far apart. I agree with white collar jobs getting paid higher because they go to college to learn more. Me personally, i don’t want to work in a white collar job. I find it more time consuming moving my body and lifting objects then sitting at a desk for 8 hours.


         There are over hundreds of different communities around the world, the middle eastern community prefers white collar labor because it is like the american dream for them. White collar labor is for the knowledgeable according to the middle eastern community. Blue collar work does not involve the brains because you just copy what you see. Crawford prefers the blue collar work. portraying that the richness of blue collar work has been forgotten.