Hall 1101-351

Nagmadeen Muthanna

Carrie Hall

English 1101

02 October 2018

Keep Fighting

           Every human is unique in his/her own way. Fighting the challenges and obstacles life throws at you is what makes you who you are today. In CHUCK KLOSTERMAN article “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead” klosterman claims that “ The zombies you kill today will merely be replaced by the zombies of tomorrow. But you can do this, my friend. It’s disenchanting, but it’s not difficult. Keep your finger on the trigger. Continue the termination. Don’t stop believing.” Klosterman’s point is that zombies are the obstacles in your life. No matter how much you try to accomplish your goal, more challenges will be thrown at you. This is compared to the zombies death. No matter how many times you kill a zombie, another zombie will attack you. Klosterman urges us to never give up and keep fighting.