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Christian music is underrated

Nowadays music is being used as a way of a escape from things going on in your personal life. Did someone hurt you? Listen to Drake. Did You get your heart broken for the 10th time? Listen to Jcole. My point is that music is a way to express your emotions in many different ways but mainly when ur depressed or sad because let’s be real how often do you see someone post music on social media when they are actually in a good mood vs when they are depressed, but music can also be used as a way to seek advice or something to cheer you up, that’s the kind of music I’m going to be talking to you about today.

Anyway, I’m going to be analyzing the song “Tell Your Heart to Beat again” by Danny Gokey. I choose this song because as I already stated it can be used to make feel better after the “love of your life” cheated on you or something like that. This song is basically about how when you get your heart broken, it’s ok to cry but u must get up again and move on because as he says in the song “So get back up, take step one, leave the darkness, feel the sun, cause your story’s far from over and your journeys just begun”. Now what’s truly amazing about this song is that the singer gained his fame from Americas got talent. That may not seem like much but he lost his wife Sophia three weeks before auditions and he still went along with the competition. That couldn’t have been easy at all. This can show how much emotion he put into this song.

Danny didn’t write this song though, the original artists of the song were Bernie herms, Randy Philips, and Mathew West. The inspiration for him singing this song was a story about a heart surgeon who saved someone’s life. The story goes that as the surgeon was finishing up and putting the heart back into the person, but the person wouldn’t wake up. So he whispered into the person’s ear “Hey we finished, its time to wake up”. After hearing that story he saw the song in a new light and decided to sing the song himself.

So I would recommend this song to anyone who is going through something in their lives and is in need of a song that is uplifting, deep, and wholesome. Personally, I like to listen to this song anytime I wanna listen to it because it’s just that good but that’s me. So if you are ever feeling down in the dumps about your ex again, give this song a try and it might make you feel a bit better.

I also recommend another song which is also Christian music and this one is a really old one but its considered a classic in the Christian community. The song is called “One sweet day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz 2 Men. This song is about living life after a family member or someone close to you has passed away. It tells us and reminds us that even though it feels like they are gone for good, you will see them again and they are always watching over you. The main verse  from the song is “I know your shining down on me from heaven. Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way and I know eventually we’ll be together, one sweet day”. Just from this verse alone, you tell that it’s a very deep, sad but happy, uplifting song.

Of course When Mariah and Boyz 2 Men sang this song about the people they lost in their lives, what inspired Mariah to make this song was the death of her friend and past collaborator David Cole. This, of course, hurt her deeply and you could definitely feel that pain in the song itself. They also made this song for people suffering from AIDS which at the time was a big deal because it was still a fairly new thing at the time.

This song means a lot to my mother because it released during an emotional time in her life. When she was around 16 or 17, her churches children’s paster was killed in a mugging and he was very loved by everyone in the church. Of course, I wasn’t alive at this time so this is based on what she told me. Anyway, literally the day after he died this song released and she and the whole church was in tears. That just shows how much this song can stir up emotions deep down that you probably keep to yourself.

So yea nowadays people express their emotions through song. People always choose the new stuff like Drake and J.Cole, but we can never forget about the old songs because whether people on out there admit it or not. The real love/sad songs were at its prime back in the ’90s. These songs are proof of that. So I say give old a try and maybe it can make u feel way better then any of these new guys/girls can. Ok, I’m done u can search up the song now.