Hall 1101-351

Ahsham Nasir

Carrie Hall

October 3, 2018

People are fascinated to see what impacts their lives will have if they or someone likeĀ them are put in a situation where they have to fight for their lives, which explain theĀ reason why roughly 5.3 million people watched the episode premiere for ā€œThe WalkingĀ Dead.ā€ Which is shown in My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather UndeadĀ by Chuck Klosterman, ā€œpeople are less interested in seeing depictions of theirĀ conscious fears,ā€ such as monsters and other scary things but people are ā€œmoreĀ attractedā€ in seeing ā€œhow their day-to-day existence [would] feelā€ like if these creatures were real. How their dailyĀ tasks would differ if their were to be a zombie apocalypse. PeopleĀ mainly want to see how the effect will impact their day to day life in completing tasks hatĀ they might take for granted now.