General Biology 1 and Math 1175

The effects of the voices heard on the radio in describing the historical events, I must say kept in interested. At first it seemed as though they were taking things as a joke, but when the women and the doctor started to speak I became for interested because of how dramatic and unethical the story really was. They did affect me on the means of getting a hold and a grip on my attention for the most part. IN the case that you are helping someone or trying to save their life and even the lives of others in the future, I do think it was appropriate to take the cells from the biopsy for personal research to help others, not on terms of personal gain. I on the other hand to not agree with the doctors choice to put her personal info as far as her name and other details of her case, those things could have been kept private. It was highly unethical for the lab assistant to go into the mourge to retrieve more cells from the corps. The body was dead, it should have been able off limits because of the bacteria that was growing after the death of a human being and should have been left alone to rest in peace. Her racial background I believe played a significant role in the issue, because of it she may have been less respected and taken more advantage off. Especially during those time in the 1950s where racism was still abundant and taking place, and in her case being a women couldn’t have made it any worse. As a doctor in those times, I hope he would have looked past the aspect of race in order to provide the best possible care for his patient. Economical issues also played greatly in the removal of her cells without any previous consent. She most likely wasn’t at the best economical stand point in her life, and the doctor couldn’t care less about it. She had no real money so in the end her retaliation would have been subtle. Whether or not John Hopkins made money from Ms. Lask’s cells or not is not a factor. The disrespect and the misleading factors done to her body is enough to compensate her family for years to come. Form an ethical stand point Mr. Hopkins should have lost his license and should have been forced never practice medical science again.