FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Like high school teachers stressed almost every other day that college will be very different and the professors are extremely strict, some of this was true but not entirely. College environment is very different from high school, no doubt but the professors i have this semester are all very helpful and not as strict as i expected. While it is true they won’t hold my hand or run after once an assignment is due because if i don’t do it, it’s going to hurt me not them. Most of my professors offer tutoring services in case a student is struggling with the course material, something i had access to and took advantage of in high school. But as far as the first week of college goes, I’ve been loving it. No period bells once a period ends, no having to ask the teacher for permission to go to the bathroom and the (small) gaps between the periods are also relaxing unlike the  3 mins to get to the next class in high school after the period bell. In short, adapting to college has been easy and pretty great as far as the first week goes and i hope it stays great throughout the year.