FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Hello to my fellow students that are here for the first time in a college atmosphere. In the duration of the last two years, we were all affected in one way or another with the calamity of dealing with covid. Many of us were doing classes on the platform Zoom during this time, and then the decision was made to open the schools to the students. A disturbing move for I thought that Covid was still running rampant, but it all seemed to pan out well. Embarking upon a new learning experience, I decided to take on the task of learning about Hospitality Management while pondering my future and the direction in which I would be headed. This was a move I will not regret, because the faculty, staff and students were all inspiring to me and the decision I have made. Working in groups with students was beneficial to me in a way where I learned a lot from other students who were on a plateau of technological advancement. May I explain, technology was not at my front door as a youth, so embracing this new age and way of doing classwork was a bit challenging. Several students and professors have been instrumental in helping me climb this ladder of advancement. All in all, I must state, I have had a great experience this semester am I am truly looking forward to the next selection of classes that will open the doors wider to my future endeavors. Team projects are what brought a lot of students together, and this is where the art of learning begins. Learning about one another and keeping an open mind as well as an respect for the next student, no matter where he/she is from. I look forward to forging new friendships now and in the future because in Hospitality one must look as everyone as a friend, a comrade, an associate to helping one another reach the pinnacle of success that we all strive for. We are all here for a reason, so let’s take the time to learn from one another, and who knows, you may be a manager one day, and think back to this moment when we were in school and remember that I or another student may have been a catalyst to you in some form or fashion. Opportunities are here for the taking, so do not let them go to waste, embrace the moment of now, because once it is gone, you can never get it back. What I relished was that internships are readily available, and I myself will be looking forward to possibly going to Disney for an internship next year, once my schedule clears up. I hope to work with students and faculty in some capacity in the future. All of the professors that I have had this semester are very knowledgeable in their field of expertise, so I look forward to extending this learning experience well into this career choice of Hospitality. I want to extend a hand of gratitude to all of you, Thank you.