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Communication Design
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My name is Frank Castro, I am a video game enthusiast who has heavy interests in the topic that has future plans in designing a game and its other aspects. These aspects may include character design, storyboard and concept design, although my art is subpar I would like to improve so that the characters I once envisioned while I was younger are brought to life in one way or another. I was in this school 8 years ago for regular graphic design but i heard about the changes and came back, i had to take a remedial class which i aced on return.

Although my talents in this major have been limited in artistic ability i attempt to make up for it with creativity, if not trying my best usually works. My other interests include Anime, playing video games, interacting with new people, streaming, talking in general, league of legends, and eating. My goals are more than passing my classes this semester, it’s to surpass the hollow shell of a human being that i have been for the past years.

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