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  • Miss Crane's "unmentionables"
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    Jabir Alam

    I think colors often describe someone’s personality. The white bra and slip were used to show the intentions of miss crane how innocent she was in the first scene white color also represents love, reverence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision.
    Later black bra was used to show her evil intentions by stealing the money and running away with it


    Virginia Sanchez

    The white underwear is first shown to the viewer at the beginning of the movie when Mary is with Sam while the black underwear is shown after she steals the money and before she is murdered. It is the placement and scenes which offer clues as to what the underwear differences could mean. The colors white and black have also been used symbolically to signify what is “good” and what is “evil” In the beginning of the film Mary is “good” she wants a good honest relationship with Sam, a relationship they wouldn’t have to meet in secret in. While when we see her in black underwear she is in the Bates motel and has stolen money from her employer. Mary is now “bad” and she will soon be murdered.


    Salina Shrestha

    I believe they were to represent the bad and the good. White representing good and innocence but as MIss Crane takes the money, the bad side of her character come to play when she is seen wearing a black bra.



    Why do you think the costume designer decided that Miss Crane’s bra and slip were white in the first scene but black in the later scenes?
    I think the costumer designer that Miss Crane’s bra and slip were white in the first scene but black in the later scenes because white to express emotion, honesty, good of being perfect and being good girl. Accepting orders to be accomplish, achieving goals. On the other hand bad meaning bad, commit crimes, being guilt, paranoid and dishonesty or lying and doing the bad things where she showed in the later scenes.



    Crane wears a white bra because she wanted to be shown as an angelic person perhaps naive and then when performing an evil action she changes to a black bra being a discreet way to demonstrate the change of a person. We know that colors have certain associated meanings, in which certain colors are quickly associated with certain situations.


    Prof. Masiello

    Well, yes, but I would not call Miss Crane angelic. Good yes. Nice yes. We like her and wish for her to be happy, but Angels do not go to hotel rooms with their boyfriends for sex, so angelic is too strong a word!

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