Films from Literature ENG 2400

A while ago we looked at sexual symbolism in motion pictures. The other side of the coin, religious symbolism, is equally explored in films. Writers also may use religious allusions, for example in Lolita, Humbert describes Lolita as “crucified” on page 195 of the pdf of the novel when he goes to her home to see her one last time after she married Richard Schiller and is pregnant:

“Come in,” she said with a vehement cheerful note. Against the splintery deadwood of the door, Dolly Schiller flattened herself as best she could (even rising on tiptoe a little) to let me pass, and was crucified for a moment, looking down, smiling down at the threshold, hollow-cheeked with round pommettes, her watered-milk-white arms outspread on the wood. I passed without touching her bulging babe[…].”

One could argue that it is merely Humbert’s colorful descriptive language, or one could say author Nabokov is hinting that Lo was a sacrificial victim to the sins of older men.
Filmmakers using their visual medium are even more likely to inject religious references into their movies.
Please watch this 56 minute compilation:

You will be surprised at the wide range of films with “religious” connotations, including many popular films that you have probably seen.

Then post some replies to the following:

A) How do you feel about using religious imagery in non-religious movies?

B) Before our course started many weeks ago, had you ever watched any films in which you realized or felt that there was something religious being shown?

If so, please explain which film it was in.

C) Within the compilation were there any films that you had already watched and now are surprised there was something “spiritiual” being shown, something you had not noticed before?

Please explain which film(s).

D) Were there any film clips that you particularly liked? If so, please explain why.