Films from Literature ENG 2400

Short stories into films
For the last essay (the final is not a full-fledged essay) you are going to read two short stories and watch the film versions.
There are no compilations attached and the readings are quite short. Please read each story before watching its film.
These are very different films. The first one is a beloved feel-good movie. Most students end up saying it is their favorite movie in our course.
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 2hrs. 10 min). There is a quiz to request on the literature version.

The next is one of the most admired and analyzed films in movie history. Most students end up researching what it actually means because it is so different from other motion pictures. I will soon send you some links that will help. There is an intermission lasting about a minute. In a theater, some films would have an intermission lasting about 15 minutes giving viewers time to go buy popcorn or use the restrooms. Romeo and Juliet had one, too.

The start of the film and the start after the intermission are totally black. Theater audiences knew something special was about to be seen. One analyst maintains that the black screen is actually a horizontal view of the mysterious slab that appears from time to time.
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968 2hrs. 28 min.) There is NO quiz on this one.

Essay four (in Docs) suggests how to connect the two halves of this essay.

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